Autumn Cometh!

Greetings! I hope you all are enjoying your day. Boy, Autumn has hit with a vengeance today, though the weatherman says it'll warm up during the week. I'm sitting at my favorite local coffeehouse, Orange, Virginia's LightWell, and having a hot coffee for the first time in ages. Usually I go for something cold when I'm here. 

Guess what? The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have put up a new video on YouTube. It's a lyric video for the power pop ditty "Solo" from our album Opera Alley. Now I know these lyric videos really aren't super exciting, but we figure that it's another place for folks to hear our music. Plus it's kind of fun to see the words as the song plays. Check it out:

Today John Mellencamp and Thom Yorke celebrate birthdays. Happy Birthday, gentlemen. Other musicians we like who are celebrating birthdays this week include:

  • Hamish Stewart - Monday, October 8
  • P.J. Harvey - Tuesday, October 9
  • John Prine - Wednesday, October 10
  • David Lee Roth - Wednesday, October 10
  • Chris Lowe - Wednesday, October 10
  • Nenah Cherry - Wednesday, October 10
  • Daryl Hall - Thursday, October 11
  • Petra Haden - Thursday, October 11
  • Pat DiNizio - Friday, October 12
  • Paul Simon - Saturday, October 13


Saturday's Radio sends Happy Birthday wishes to all!

We're going to bring our least successful Weekly Music Poll of all time to a close. We'd asked folks to vote on their favorite of the Beatles' first four albums and nobody voted! That's very interesting to this Beatles fan. I know people still like those early Beatles songs, but I guess they have a hard time picking an album from that period. It's much easier to name, though not necessarily pick (they're all great!), the later albums. "I like Revolver." "The White Album is my favorite." And so on.

So this week we're going to go in a different direction and ask about your preferred music format these days. Are you into vinyl? Do you favor the convenience of mp3's? Are you a CD holdout like I am? We'll even add cassettes as an option, 'cos we know there are still some folks digging their tapes. So what do you think. Please vote.

"Creativity takes courage." - Henri Matisse

See you soon!