By the time I get to Tucson...

Man, I've had a busy couple of weeks! I'd hoped to post a good summary of what I've been up to, but I'm semi-frantically packing to fly to Tucson to go to the Pot Luck Audio Conference. There I'll be participating in the Home Recording discussion panel, which I'm really excited about. 

Since I'm kind of pushed for time, I'm not going to post the next several days' musical birthdays. If you follow Saturday's Radio on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus you'll see our daily Happy Birthday messages to musicians we like and are influenced by. 

Don't forget to participate in our Survey - pick an 80's band. 

Next time: Summaries of my trip to Nashville & Athens GA, the Tucson conference, last night's Paul Weller show in Washington DC, and probably a little more.

See you soon!

- Rob C.