Just A Tiny Little Update

Been fighting a cold for the last several weeks. Thats what you get when you start spending time with a lot of kids, as I am student teaching. My voice is a thin and raspy and has been for a while. Ive totally lost my falsetto I cant do any high woo sounds. Im assuming itll get better, but the Doc said he was a little concerned. If it doesnt, I guess Ill have to re-think my whole approach to singing. Ill cross that bridge when I come to it. MySpace is pretty cool. Ive connected with folks I havent talked to in ages. I see that the Curious Hair have a real catchy tune on their page called Wannabe Beat, Newcastle have a CD I didnt know about, and lots of other people have been keeping busy making music. Again, Ive got to say Big Sincere Thanks to everyone whos been downloading my songs from iTunes and other services. Its amazing just how far the internet can reach. Guess thats about it. I really dont have much music news. My schoolwork has taken up most of my time and will continue to do so over the next several weeks. Less than two months until its over, though! Yay!