More Audio Uploaded

Hello - We had yet another snowy day here in Harrisonburg, VA. The postman brought me a DVD of the documentary "Mellodrama", about the Mellotron and Chamberlin, so I'm looking forward to settling down and giving it a viewing. This morning I uploaded some more mp3s. Now all of the songs from "Demos For Sharon", "Opera Alley", and "At The End Of The Day (live 11-14-98)" are available and correct. "Roses For Sharon" was already okay. I'll be checking over "The Truth Hurts", "Smile Slightly", and "I Hope You're Happy Now (The Thrift Store Series, vol. 1)" sometime in the next few days to make sure the correct versions are up and those albums are complete. For "Demos For Sharon" I uploaded my cover of Jim Shelley's "Port". For "Opera Alley" I uploaded the correct album versions of "Somebody To Adore", "Janie Sims", and "Where Red Roses Fall". Previously these were the live "At The End Of The Day" versions. Finally, "At The End Of The Day (live 11-14-98)" is complete, as I uploaded "Where Red Roses Fall", now in it's correct position, and "You're Not The End Of The World." Take care, y'all! - Rob C.