Sandy & Weekly Update

Hi -

I'm just kinda sitting here in Orange, Virginia on a Monday morning, seeing what Sandy is going to do. Photos are coming in from New York and are kind of scary, with much worse to come. I'm lucky enough to still have power. For how long, I don't know. My thoughts and prayers go out to my family and friends in Sandy's path. 

Our Weekly Music Poll this week asks which musical instrument you play. 

Celebrating birthdays this week are:

  • Peter Green (Monday, Oct 29)
  • Grace Slick (Tuesday, Oct 30)
  • Robert Pollard (Wednesday, Oct 31)
  • Larry Mullen (Wednesday, Oct 31)
  • Johnny Marr (Wednesday, Oct 31)
  • Lyle Lovett (Thursday, Nov 1)
  • Calvin Johnson (Thursday, Nov 1)
  • Anthony Kiedis (Thursday, Nov 1)
  • KD Lang (Friday, Nov 2)
  • Chris Walla (Friday, Nov 2)


Happy Birthday to all!

Our Weekly Freebie track this week is "Janie Sims" from our third album Opera Alley. Download and share freely!

Please stay safe, y'all.