Saturday's Radio

Hello! In the upcoming weeks and months I'll be moving all of my musical doings under the band name, or project name, "Saturday's Radio." For whatever reason I've just never felt comfortable using my own name for my musical projects. I've never warmed to the idea of seeing "Rob Christensen" on a t-shirt. "Saturday's Radio", on the other hand, is okay. It's so much easier for me to say "Like Saturday's Radio on Facebook" than it is to say "Like ME on Facebook." So after years of fighting it ("If Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young can do it, why can't I?"), I've decided to listen to my instincts and work under the protective umbrella of Saturday's Radio. Right now we're working on a remastered reissue of the first album, "Smile Slightly". The cover art is done and the audio remastering is in progress. It'll be released digitally (iTunes, etc.) first with a CD to follow at a later date. Next we'll make our way through the back catalog and make available improved remastered versions of all 'my' albums, all under the Saturday's Radio name. Keep checking back for updates. By the way, the free downloads available here under "Rob Christensen" are going away soon! If you've been thinking about grabbing them and haven't yet, get 'em soon!