Snowed In & Working On The Website

We've had some snowy days here in Orange, Virginia, but we've been keeping ourselves busy tweaking the website & making it look spiffy.

- We've got a new banner up top advertising our brand new CDs. See this News entry for more information.

- We've updated the Saturday's Radio Stations buttons over on the left side of the website. The section is cleaner and neater and we've now got links to Spotify and Soundcloud.

- We've added Spotify player widgets to each album on the Music page. 

- We've deleted the "Freesongs page, as we felt it was redundant. The songs that used to be on that page can still be downloaded for free via our CD Baby page or from the Quick-Stop Shop on the Home page. 

- We've got lyrics up for all four albums now. Have a look on the Words page. 

Watch this space for a couple of exciting announcements in the coming days.


Rob C.