Sunday, April 14, 2013


Regular visits to the site may have noticed a new header. Yep, the release of the Roses for Sharon reissue will be happening soon, likely before May 1. Yay! We've got a tracklist and cover photo over on the Music page. We're really happy with the way it's sounding. We've put a lot of work into it and we really hope you enjoy it!



Wait! Stop the presses! We've got a brand new video up for the song "Butterflies" from the upcoming Roses for Sharon reissue. The song is one of two songs completely re-record for this reissue, while the video is found footage from circa 1950 National Farmers Union film "They Call It All." 

Now back to our regularly scheduled weekly update.


As you probably know, before I started re-releasing music under the Saturday's Radio project name, I released everything under my own name. The original 'Rob Christensen' versions of Roses for Sharon, as well as an acoustic live album called At the End of the Day, and a rarities collection titled The Thrift Store Series, vol. 1 - I Hope You're Happy Now are still available, but they won't be for long. We're going to pull them from the market next weekend. So if you want these original versions, get them now because they will be gone soon! You can find them on iTunes, CD Baby, and several other places. 

Let My Love Open the Door back cover

In other exciting news, I've written my first book blurb. It's for the third book in Anne-Marie Klein's "Behind Blue Eyes" rock-n-roll novels series. You can get the paperback from now and the e-book edition should be available soon. You can also get the first two books in the series at Lulu, or for the Kindle at Amazon. This series is a great read. I'm honored that Anne-Marie asked me to write something for the back cover. 

Our current Saturday's Radio Survey seems to be doing better than the last couple of surveys. We're asking people to vote on their favorite Beatles movie. A Hard Day's Night is getting the most votes, with Magical Mystery Tour showing up as someone's favorite. If you haven't voted, please do!

The following musical people are celebrating birthdays this week:

  • Sunday, April 14: Loretta Lynn, Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees), and Win Butler (Arcade Fire).
  • Monday, April 15: Roy Clark (Hee Haw) and Dave Edmunds (Rockpile).
  • Tuesday, April 16: Ian MacKaye (Fugazi), Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), and Bobby Vinton.
  • Wednesday, April 17: Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks), Matt Chamberlain, Jan Hammer, and Liz Phair
  • Friday, April 19: Dar Williams, Alan Price (Animals), Bernie Worrell, and Mark Volman (Turtles).


Happy Birthday to all!

"An unlocked door means that, occasionally, you might have a devil come in. But a locked door means you have thousands of angels just walk by." - Ian MacKaye

Have a great week and come back soon!