This Week in Saturday's Radio


I home all of you made it through Sandy okay. We were fortunate here in Orange, Virginia, to come off relatively unscathed. I feel for my friends in New York and New Jersey. I hope life returns to some form of normalcy soon.

Here at Saturday's Radio World Headquarters things are slowly moving along. We'd hoped to have a remastered version of album #4, Roses For Sharon ready by now, but it's going to take a while longer. We're remixing it from scratch and it's taking some time. I'm also a new 4th grade teacher for my "day job" and teaching is more intense and time-consuming that I'd imagined. There are some great payoffs - having two months off last summer was beyond wonderful. But, again, during the school year it's difficult to have a lot of time for other things. But I've had worse jobs and I'm not complaining. Just trying to move forward & achieve a balanced, fulfilling life.

This week's Weekly Freebie is the opening track from  album #2, The Truth Hurts, "Somewhere Down The Road". You can download it from our Weekly Freebie page, from the Quick-Stop Shop on the Home page, or from CDBaby. Please enjoy and share!

Celebrating birthdays this week are:

  • Art Garfunkel (Monday 11/5)
  • Jonny Greenwood (Monday 11/5)
  • Bryan Adams (Monday 11/5)
  • Ryan Adams (Monday 11/5)
  • Guy Clark (Tuesday 11/6)
  • Greg Graffin (Tuesday 11/6)
  • Joni Mitchell (Wednesday 11/7)
  • Rickie Lee Jones (Thursday 11/8)
  • Greg Lake (Saturday 11/10)

Whoda thunk Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams would share a birthday? Happy Birthday, y'all!

Our Weekly Music Poll has been pretty inactive. We had one voter last week answer the "What musical instrument do you play?" question with "guitar and bass." With my busy schedule it's not always easy to find time to tell folks about the poll on places like Twitter & Facebook.

This week we're asking, which rock legend would you like to see when they tour? Paul McCartney? The Rolling Stones? The Who? Bob Dylan? We'd like to add Bruce Springsteen to the mix, but for the purposes of this poll we're going to stick to 60's legends. It's sad to think that we might not get the opportunity to see some of these folks many more times.

Henri Matisse said that "Work cures everything." I think that's a great quote, but I'd probably change it to "Good fulfilling work." 

Have a great week!